Information Technology Company

GM Services was founded in 1998 as a service organization in the sector of Information Technology. It earns over the years a prominent position in important public and private spheres, where it is recognized as a provider of high quality services, with specialized staff and a modern structure.

Over time, GM Servizi has expanded its offerings, adding to Information Technology also Telecommunication Business Unit. The business unit is focused on specialized services concerning the implementation of technological infrastructure for Data Centers and for installation, commissioning and maintenance of telecommunications equipment. Today, the company employs the collaboration of over 100 employees.


Work in progress:


IT area of GM Servizi is divided into four main areas:

  • Processes,
  • Applications,
  • Infrastructure,
  • Network.

We develop technological infrastructure for Data Center, with installation, commissioning and maintenance of telecommunications equipment.



We protect the business of small and medium-sized companies, through IT development, maintenance and protection of personal data.




Professional training courses, managed in convention with the Region of Lazio.



We realize websites responsive visible on all devices. The texts static websites are optimized for search on the major search engines (SEO). We produce campaigns of web marketing and app development for Android and iOS.



Latest News

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